Our goal is to improve the economic and living standard of the rural poor by improving the accessibility, acceptability and utilization of services and empowerment of the community through capacity building.

■ We prefer decentralized decision making so that the maximum number of people can get benefited.

■ Our priority is to help those who are willing to help themselves. This is why we prefer the word ‘empowerment’ and not ‘improvement’.

■ We try to analyze and involve ourselves in the rural development policies and advocate that the deserving section of the people must receive the maximum benefit out of them..

■ We believe in creating replicable and sustainable models for effective rural development

We not only plan but are committed to the creation of ‘One India’. At Priyadarshni and Om Charitable Trust we seek to conduct our work in a manner that is efficient and sustainable. We have established and implemented a process that allows us to provide a quick turnaround of projects, programs and initiatives

The following aspects reflect our organizational approach

■ A people-oriented approach that directly supports the beneficiary.

■ Partnerships with stakeholders in both the public and private sectors.

■ Empowerment of the most vulnerable and deprived groups of our society -women, children and those below the poverty line.

■ Assistance on the basis of need.

■ Helping those who help themselves

■ Leadership by committed professionals

■ Active involvement of community members in all phases of the process

■ Decentralized decision making